Cedar Rapids high school hockeY

Hall Monitor





​Monitor the locker hallways to ensure players, officials, and coaches have access to their respective locker rooms.  Before/after games, at period intermission, or when necessary.

Frequency: V & JV home games

Share this task with a friend and bring snacks/drinks for the team. This is a light snack to tide athletes before/in-between/after games. ALLERGY ALERT.  Please NO PEANUT related snacks.      Frequency: V & JV home games 

​​Share this with a friend and bring small bottled drinks for the team. Water is the best fluid replacement, but sports drinks with little or no sugar (e.g., G2) can also help athletes.  Low-sugar chocolate milk is a great post-exercise drink.

Frequency: V & JV home games

Arrive early and setup the admissions table for the Varsity games.  Help distribute programs and other CR High School Hockey information.

Frequency: V home games 

Help the coaching staff review game highlights by capturing the game on video.  General video camera use is all that is needed (i.e., no zooming in on action or panning player-to-player puck movement is necessary).

Frequency: All home and away games 


Let's get involved!  It takes a lot of work to keep our organization running smoothly.  Help out your CR RoughRiders by signing up to volunteer - there is something to do for every game.  What follows is a brief description of the positions that NEED to be filled for our season to be successful. 

Ready to signup, visit our SignUp Genius Schedule.

To be in compliance with USA Hockey, all volunteers having direct contact with student athletes must complete the background screening process.

PointStreak Scoring


​Music - Score Board

​This year we will be keeping score online. Basic computer skills, comfort with learning the software, and basic knowledge of the rules of hockey are required for this off-ice official position. (2-3 people)

Frequency: V & JV home games

Share your voice with the crowd.  An announcer is needed to relay important information to the spectators about the game including lines-ups, officials, goals, and penalties.

​Frequency: V & JV home games


This is a 'double-duty' job that involves working the clock and music. You will be an off-ice official that monitors stoppages of play, updates scores, shots on net, and penalties. If you have your own computer/MP3 device with cool music to engage a crowd, this might be your opportunity. 

Frequency: V & JV home games