Cedar Rapids high school hockeY

​​Online Forms 

​Please navigate to the following link to complete a majority of the 'paperwork'.  The forms outlined below require a signed hard copy submitted to the Team Manager.

Player Academic Eligibility

All students registered in an area/regional high school are eligible to tryout for the high school hockey team.  The RoughRider High School Hockey Association follows school specific academic requirements for player participation. Please consult your high school's guidance office/counselors for your school's specific details.  Each player must complete our academic qualification form each fall and winter semester.  This form must be signed by a parent/guardian and then verified by the school's Academic Office.  Players who do not meet the academic requirements will not be permitted to participate in MWHL sanctioned games. [FORM]

USAHockey Registration

All players must register with USAHockey.  Once you have registered, please forward the confirmation email (from USAHockey) that contains your registration information to the Team Manager.

Consent to Treat/Medical History

Hockey is a contact sport.  If an injury were to occur, particularly if a player's parent/guardian was not at the event, it may be necessary to seek medical care.  So that the team representative has this information available we ask that you complete the form to include insurance information, emergency contact, and brief medical history as it pertains to participation in athletics. [FORM]

HEADS UP: Concussion Fact Sheet

A concussion is a brain injury.  Concussions are caused by a bump, blow, jolt, or check to the head or body.  Even a "ding", "getting your bell rung," or what seems to be a mild bump to the head can be serious.  The Iowa Legislature passed a new law,effective July 1, 2011 regarding students in grades 7-12 who participate in extracurricular interscholastic activities.  The law states that athletes must be immediately removed from participation if the coach or official observes signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion.  When this happens the player may not participate again until a licensed health care provider provides written clearance for return to play. [FORM]