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Open Letter from the Board


New and returning families of the Roughriders High School Hockey Association will find the information on this site and our handbook valuable (our handbook is currently being revised for the upcoming season).  Our purpose to familiarize you with the policies, procedures, expectations and guidelines of the Roughriders High School Hockey Club. 

Good communication is vital to any successful organization and the Roughriders High School Hockey Association strives to make communication one of its top priorities. There are many avenues for members to obtain information, express ideas and offer opinions on issues of concern.


  • Board Meetings are open to members and parents
  • Updates for players/parents about important events and dates 
  • Player/Parent phone and e-mail contact list .
  • Parent meetings per year.  These are spaced at approximately equal times throughout the season beginning in the pre-season and extending into the first and second halves of each season.
  • Each board member is personally available to answer any of your questions.  Contact any of the five elected Board of Directors when you have a concern.
  • Satisfaction survey of the membership to be used to evaluate, plan and implement changes for the next season.

The Roughriders High School Hockey Association is proud of the dedication and hard work provided by our players, coaches, board members, volunteer committee members and parents.  With a supportive and committed membership the Roughriders High School Hockey Association will flourish for many years to come.

2019-2020 Board Members

President/MWHA Team Representative

Sean McKay     email

Vice President/Team Manager

Chris Pigge          email


Kristen Adkins


Lisa Mascardo

Fund Raising

Jaci Chambers